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If I could guess what’s going on in your head right now, I bet it would resemble a running to-do list with about 35 items, all of which need to be done today.


If I were to go a level deeper I would bet that on any given day your top worries involve keeping your programs funded and figuring out the best ways to engage donors and patrons.


Am I close?


That’s because I know you. I was you. You have about 3 bazillion things on your plate right now, all equally important, and you need a way to get it done so you can move on to the next thing you need to accomplish. But it’s not enough to cross it off the list. You need to know it was done right. After all, funding for your organization is at stake and that’s pretty darn important.


You are in the right place, my friend.


My name is Ashley Cain. After more than a decade in the nonprofit arts world serving in a variety of roles, I I have developed a ton of knowledge and expertise in grant writing, digital marketing, and web development for arts & culture organizations. I’m also pretty good at making queso for staff parties, but that’s another story.


Unlike many of my competitors, who typically work with nonprofits of every kind, I  bring the expertise of a career spent in the arts.


I know what you do.
I get it.


I am a musician and artist & I’ve lived that nonprofit arts life in the office, working long hours to get it all done. And so I deeply understand not only your mission, not only what makes the arts so vital to our lives, but also the nuts and bolts of what you need to make it all work.


More importantly, I have a smaller learning curve than generalist consultants, so you won’t spend so much time explaining what you do. And we all know time is a hot commodity.


I’ve written more grant proposals to arts funders than I can remember. I know the ins and outs of what’s likely to get funded, how to build relationships with grantmakers, and how to make managing awards an easier process.


Just like grant proposals, I’ve lost track of how many websites I’ve built at this point, but I love the challenge of making something that not only looks beautiful but actually entices people to donate and attend events. Otherwise, what’s the point of a website, right? Same with digital marketing tools and campaigns.

I want to share these skills with you because I know they are the ones that will help your nonprofit reach its goals.


Don’t spend another minute spinning your wheels and wasting time and money. Get in touch with me and let’s talk about how we can make getting funding and online engagement easier and more effective.

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